?why new university

modern andd nnovation oriented learning

exchang programs in diffrent countries of the word

highly qualified academic personnel

the real possibility of employment

the ultra modern library

modern laboratory

recreational zone

literaty cafe


                                                                                                         According to our mission in new university in Tbilisi/Georgia


"New universiti" innovation and modern teaching methods oriented university, whose mission is the new word in the Georgia and the region with students based learning, to encourage creativity and innovation, respect for the principles of the formation, to develop the students creative and creative thinking, to equip them to practice tikuli skills. New University promotes mobility and internationalization, creating a space where the individual needs of each student are met


By offering high quality, diverse educational programs, it fosters the intellectual, cultural and personal growth of the community

To achieve our mission, New Universe will focus on 5  strategic priorities



Increase the attractiveness of the university

create a university community

Increase the capacity

justify expectations

Develop quality


Under each of our strategic priorities, known as institutional ABCs, we will also guide different development

paths, which are further explained in our 3-year Action  Plan

These actions are in line with the key strategic initiatives

that underlie each of the strategic priorities



Special Offer in new university in tbilisi


:From the International Community College


Scholarship for successful students

 A real guarantee for successful student employment

 Internship for Applicants in Canada


Admission to the following specialties in new university in Tbilisi

9th grade base

 Nurse Assistant Level III

 Nurse Assistant Level III English

 Information Technologist Level III

 Information Technologist Level III English

 Tooth Technician Level III, IV, V

Criminalist (Photodiodescope) III level

 Level III Massage Therapist

 Office Manager (Secretary Reviewer) Level III

 Accountant Level III

Customs Representative (Commodity Operations Specialist) Level III

 Level III Transportation Safety Specialist


 grade base

 Pharmacist Assistant V Stage

 Practicing Nurse V Level

 Librarian IV

 Kindergarten teacher V level

 Auditor's Assistant Level III

 Level IV Construction Producer

 Level IV Small Business Producer

 Bank Operator Step V

 Insurance Agent Level III



:Benefits in new university in Tbilisi

 Individual payment schedule

 Benefits for the vulnerable

 For large families and grandchildren

 A state diploma shall be issued


Admission without exams


A state diploma will be issued



contact information

Address: 35 Ksani str

Mobile: + (995) 555756662




  start-up lab                                 events                              new university                                                                                          


    student hub                           Exchange programs                    service for disabilities          

New university in Tbilisi, has a Student Services Development Service that offers students multifunctional spaces and a variety of sports, cultural and educational activities for active and successful student life


Student Services Development offers a wide variety of activities for our students, such as: Universal Training for Personal & Professional Development and Master Classes by Invited Trainers


Student Internship Program with job opportunities both at university and in partner organizations and companies


Through active collaboration with youth NGOs, students are given the opportunity to be involved in various local or international projects hosted by the Academy of Education and its partner organizations


There is a business incubator within the school, where the Start UP Lab brings together young people interested in working on innovative, innovative and innovative projects, connecting them with experienced mentors and partners. Various public lectures and workshops, business simulations and more are also held within the Business Incubator



Master educational programs enrollment rules in new university in Tbilisi/georgia


From the day of applying for the Master's Degree, young people can register at the Student Mobility and Registration Center


:Candidates must have


 Copy of ID card or passport

A copy of a Bachelor's Degree or a certificate issued by a higher education institution concerning a bachelor's degree ,a foreign citizen's diploma must be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by a higher education institution in the country concerned

2 color photos (3X4) with CD

Certificate of any type of functional impairment

Bank receipt for payment of entrance exams for general master's exams

After registration, all documents will be submitted to the Unified National Examinations Center and you can choose any university of your choice from the day of the unified registration


After you have passed the Minimum National Entrance Exams, if you are elected to New York University, you must apply to the Student Mobility and Registration Center and register for the Entrance Exams. Accordingly, you will receive the required application forms to complete


After registration, exams / interviews will be conducted according to the pre-announced schedule


Master's candidate at the university enrollment rules in new university in Tbilisi/georgia


Enrollment in the University is done by the Graduation Ratios based on the ranking document

Entrance to the University of Graduate Candidates may be made only after submission of a document certifying academic higher education recognized by law - a diploma and a document certifying military enrollment by a person subject to military registration

Enrollment of the postgraduate candidate at the university is made on the basis of the agreement signed between the university and the postgraduate candidate

After the united act of the rector, the candidate for the postgraduate degree becomes the student of the university - postgraduate student

Within 5 days after the publication of the Unified Rector's Act, it is sent to the National Examinations Center and the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement




Undergraduate educational programs new university in Tbilisi /Georgia


               Law     syllabus


 business administration



health managment



            International   Relations


    Mass Communication / Journalism


        Georgian language training program



Master's degree programs in new university in Tbilisi


           Clinical Psychology





:For registration and information about  new university in Georgia contact us with

Whatsapp number:00995/555756662